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Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Captain Z Fighter Pilot Su-30MKM

Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia 

Here is my new friend , Captain Zarif Ihsan ,.

When you are young , its all about wanting to be known. You want to become famous, whether its through social media or knowing a lot pf people. As you get older, you dont want to be known. You come to realise that not everyone out there is going to be your friend. As you dont need unnecessary changes to your life. Its not about the amount of likes or followers you get, the truth is that when you die. You will probably have around several friends who will actually care and pray for you when you are gone . All these followers and fans on social media wont help you. Be humble about what yo do, keep yourself low key and remember not everyone wants good for you .Just because you want good for them . 

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