I will not talk to you unless you come to me and start a conversation. I'm not the kind of person who would start a conversation. I will shut my mouth if there is nothing I want to say. Sekian, terima kasih.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

it takes time to learn how to be attracted to what is good for me

Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia .

This year , I'm really busy with my job and my study , I feel like why this time is so rushing , until I dont know how to managed my time .I had to sacrifice all my free time with my family at the Johor Bahru too . Sometimes , when I really miss them , video and picture is the place where i express my yearning :) ,  Atok and nenek, Im feel so lonely lah . 
If atok and nenek still here , I hope they are proud of what I have achieved in my life now , bcus this is what they want . May their spirits be blessed with grace . Amin 

Today , on a prayer mat, I've been tearing the tears, I feel like I have something to say, but I do not know where and how , but often it is only Allah who heard again and  knowing this feeling
It seems like to crave the feeling of love and compassion . 

Sometimes, I think I want to have a  family, which is  my own family, but I'm still looking for someone who has the same thing to do with my soul . We all know that there is no perfect relationship, we only have someone with us, where in hard and great time . 
The good people who are present in our lives are a pleasure . Please take note.

My mindset right now is must be patient. Even if the pains of waiting and wishing and praying tire me . should be patient . Even when long periods of time pass by and others are blessed with what they've been praying for while i still wait , be patient  . for Allah does not waste the effort of the doers of good . he delays his response only to hear me to call him more . be patient and for what awaits me is sweeter than the bitterness of longing 

I think, until here, what I want to say, good night all . 
Fi Hifzillah 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A women with beauty

In this dunya , yeah we can find more women with her beauty physically , but as men should know a woman's beauty is not her body , its the scars she wear on her body , its the heart that beats within her chest. Its not her chest . A woman's beauty is not what her face looks like, its what is in her mind. The beauty of a women is the purity of her heart, soul and mind . That is what you call beautiful, that is her unappreciated beauty 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy

Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia 

Cant even explain how refreshing it is when connect with someone on a nuero level and  both just understand the chaos in each other's minds. In friendships, in romance , in any kind of relationship . 

Here,  just to introduce this is captain OD :), who are always give me some advise about the humble life , I honestly say I'm interested in his personality as though I want to be like him as well :D

Fi hifzillah :) 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sabr , Silence, Smile

Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia

Allah knows what ur silent heart wants. 
Even if you dont include it in ur prayers. 
He hears what ur heart whispers, He may not give it to you now, but someday 
when you least expect it , things will happen in the best possible way . 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Be strong always

Dear Blog (: 
Salam 1 Malaysia 

Month by months , day by days , we will all have a really weak days , Is it ? 
Days where we feel so useless and we feel like the whole world is against us. It's normal to have days where you just want to cry your eyes out , to basically cry out all the pain you have held inside for so long .Sometimes all we need to do is break down, cry and let it all out. Its amazing being so strong and its one of the most inspiring things you can ever be but even the strongest people need to feel human. Its okay to feel invincible and keep on a brave face. But its better to be strong enough to let it out and to understand that you are human , you have feelings and you cannot always be strong, that is why we have been born with a heart . 

Fi Hifzillah 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I have learned

Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia 

I have learned the meaning of sucess not by having more , which once upon a time 
I believed but in the realization of how little I really needed :)