I will not talk to you unless you come to me and start a conversation. I'm not the kind of person who would start a conversation. I will shut my mouth if there is nothing I want to say. Sekian, terima kasih.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sorry and breathe and Let it go

Heyh Blog (:

Salam 1 Malaysia

This only one statement i think it can save from unnecessary over thinking , guilt , regret and breaking of precious relationships. Although you know you might be right but if you feel saying this one statement can save relationship and keep away from unnecessary negative vibes then dont even take a second to say it for it will keep heart healthy and mind at peace .Verily, saying sorry would make you inferior rather it shall strengthen relationship and plant seeds of love and respect each other .There is no need to prove whether you are right or wrong nor to wait for the other person to say "Sorry" leave that on the Almightly, He will make things better . Heyh ! Just say Sorry , breathe and Let it Go 

Love ND

Friday, March 9, 2018

That is yourself

Dear Blog(:
Salam 1 Malaysia

Remember that you are responsible for your life, Diana. Allah choose you for you and you owe Him an explanation for everytime you hurt yourself, physically, and emotionally . You have to take FULL responsibility of yourself, who you are and who you are going to become . You have to treat yourself right. You pray because your soul needs it . You eat because your body needs it . Compromising on either one will eventually show you results you dont want to see. You have to become enough for yourself, and you cant be the one who BREAKS you . You have to keep fixing yourself instead . That is when you will learn to say Alhamdulillah and really praise Allah for life. That is when you are able to truly be grateful to him for His favours.

 So then , sleep enough , eat sufficiently , wear good clothes and pamper yourself when you want . Dont become selfish , but dont become someone who has forgotten your own self either. Put the pills away, the blade where it belongs. Wipe away your own tears. Look in the mirror and notice the features that Allah choose for you , embrace them . Embrace who you are . Accept what you have been through and be proud of how far you have come . Broaden your thinking , read, study and understand. Be yourself completely. Work on who you want to become. Allah gave you your body as an AMANAH, 
Please take care of it .

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Please stay

Hye Blog (:
Salam 1Malaysia

How can I tell love that i want someone to stay, someone to value all the storms that rage inside my mind, all the battles i have conquered within each scar, someone to realise that each shard of my broken self could inflict pain against him but still choosing to stay by his side, someone to cherish the darkness i have escaped within his soul and to take his light as equal, someone to help stitch up my old wounds, someone to ignite a flame in each part of my body and show his how to be free because I’ve felt imprisoned for so long, someone to recognise my worth, appreciate me as a whole and to respect every inch of me, someone to understand that i have been kept in the shadows but believe that me more than this, more than what i have felt, more than what i have suffered, to see me as an eclipse, merged between the darkness and the light, someone to paint a canvas and for them to still look at me like  me is  the most breathtaking piece of art they have ever laid eyes on .


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Dear Blog (:

Salam 1 Malaysia

I’m so grateful to have such amazing friends. I pray they’re given success in both this life and in the hereafter . I may not speak to them everyday or see them everyday .but they’re still my friends and I love and pray for them loads. They’ve done a lot for me by just being themselves, and I’m so grateful. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia 

         As a woman growing and making her way to this worldly life it's rest assured that you'll come across so many things one of them is a man, well for most they have experienced this and may be others haven't. You will come across men who are vulgar and men who come off as very indecisive about everything, men who will make you feel worthless and demeaning, surprisingly these men are never always strangers or anything. They can be your closest people, your brother or a relative male, your father or even a male friend. They don't necessarily have to be your lover or a husband, it's not always you but also to every other girl you don't know of who is out there like you suffering such an abuse, I have been there so many of us have been there and learnt from it. So you as a girl out there in this world feeling confused and breaking on your own, I want you to know this is not new and will never be new. You gather your pieces and hold yourself together because if you don't nobody will, I'm not trying to scare off anyone but it's the truth. You have yourself to stand up against everything thrown at you, starting from criticism to good compliments, don't ever stoop low for someone to appreciate you because that should never be your job, it's theirs they are the ones to look after their words and what to say or not to others but you on the other hand, you need to adapt yourself and make for yourself a comfort zone in every positive/negative situation that life serves you. As a woman I know often we break over the tiniest bit of negativity but to look at the bright side I think women stand to be the strongest gender emotionally even though society portrays men to be the stronger gender as they have been rarely seen weeping publicly, generally I believe in strength, I believe that every single woman out there behind those curtains who is feeling miserable because she is expected to be OK despite the storms and the clouds in her window can blossom. We are the mothers of this generation if not then the mothers to our future generations. No man should make you feel inferior in your own opinion and your rights as a female.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Dear Blog (:
Salam 1 Malaysia

I really admire the beautiful soul who reminded me of what I'm truly here for. Ma sha Allah. Baarakallah feeki ukthi.❤ You don't really need to show the world your appearance, your attractive body or expensive jewelleries, clothes or the make up you wear everyday to be known or to be famous or to get attention from the people around you. You just need to be yourself, be kind, be a beautiful soul not only a beautiful body. 

Read about this beautiful deen, learn and implement the life style of rasool Allah,(s.a.w) recite more of Quran in your young age so that Allah will raise your status when you least expect it in your life. I never wished to be famous.. I just wish to be memorable for my words; like even when i'm gone,(then again, we belong to Allah) when someone goes through my page and says "because of you I didn't give up on trusting Allah" Subhan'Allah that'd be more than enough.😢 Allahu Akbar!

Start and finish your days by remembering Allah. Life continues to go on with you or without you. Don't stay stuck in it for anyone. Strive to make your end better for the new beginning. Will you ever realise, that this world waits for none, not even for you nor does it wait for me, it must, it has to, its been commanded to go on. So take care of your souls, wipe your eyes yourself when you need to, look up from the ground and know that you too have been created to go on. Leave your past in past, tawakkul Allah with your present and future and keep going on beautiful souls... ❤❤❤