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Friday, December 23, 2016

turning 2017

Dear Blog (: 
Salam 1 Malaysia

Alhamdulillah , I'm still breathing like normally ;)
 Long time , i may not updated my blog , since I was busy with my assigment, my worker and my personal matter . 

It seem like , we are in the end of this year 2016 , MasyAllah , 
Lets 2016 be a lesson to me and anyone ,never let anyone take advantage of you dear, If someone has hurt you , learn to forgive . gorgive . forgive them . Even if that means forgiving them for the sake of your sanity . Do not start the new year with hatred in your heart , Always thank Allah SubhanALLAH for blessing you with another year. The sad truth is you may not be about for the whole of next year , only Allah Subhanahu knows. But whatever you do, do not go into a new year with a bitter heart and soul , Do not waste time with those who hurt you .Forgive them because you want to be at peach with yourself. Do not torture yourself, and let the new year greet you calmly . 

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