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Monday, August 15, 2016

Perfect men

Dear Blog (: 
Salam 1 Malaysia

How you imagine about the perfect man  ?
 For me the perfect man is ....
A lot of women want the perfect man , does a perfect man exist dear ? I personally believe a perfect man does not exist. But its a man whom you find perfect not everyone else .You see, a perfect man is one with flaws, who will make their mistakes, who will sometimes make you angry, and will make you upset at times.But this is a man who is willing to do anything to put things right,he will cherish you more than everything and anything .The perfect  man you want , isnt a man who will make you smile every second of the day .It isnt a man who will shower you with flowers every single day. Its a man who will work his backside off to live a comfortable life with you, some days he will anger you. But he will make everything alright. A real man is someone who has flaws,but even the flaws that he does have.You see them as perfections, because you accept his imperfections as he accepts yours. A real perfect man is someone who makes mistakes with you, but perfects the mistakes he has made and helps you perfect the mistakes you've made too 

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