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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I write

Dear Blog(:
Salam 1 Malaysia 

I dont write because I am a perfect human being who has found the secret to life . I write because I have mode mistakes . I begged unworthy people to stay when they didnt deserve my presence. I loved too much, too hard and too jealously. I let my trauma do the talking for a long, long time. I took the long road to survival. I took ages to recognise the path to healing . And I hurt people along the way and still regret it deeply . 

I write because I am a deeply flawed human being .And if there are lessons for others in my journey, in my words, if there is healing for others hidden in my wounds, if there is meaning for others within the ink when I bleed on paper,then I am doing what I set out to do when I dreamed of the words in a lonely bed on a starry night. To ensure no one who reads those words never feels alone .

Fi Hifzillah ...

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