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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

im competition with no one , i hope we all make it

Dear Blog (: 
Salam 1 Malaysia,

A lot of people get lush confused with love, lust is when you crave for a persons touch .Love is when you crave for that person to just be next to you , without even touching you .you see, we live in worldwhere social media shows all these couple.Living their lives with their 100's of pictures looking all happy, loved up like they've never seen hardship before. A lot of people think that is goals, you see social media is a platform for people to post their best moments.Life doesnot always work like that ,nobody has perfect lifestyle ,where its dinner dates and shopping sprees .People will only show you what they want to see, a women posts a picture of herself happy alongside her other half could be the same women who cries herself to sleep that same women who cries herself to sleep that same night. The man who posts a video of him and his other half could be the same man who hardly spends time with her.Nobody has the perfect lifestyle,not you not i . Every person goes through hardship to get to where they are today .Dont always assume that you nedd to have that perfect lifestyle ,because you dont know . you just need to be ur self and real 

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