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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sabr and trust

Dear Blog(;
Salam 1 Malaysia

The story of each of our lives that has been carefully written by the greatest of all writers. From before you even fetuses, to the day you were born as anything but weak flesh and bone, to your final destiny, all have beautiful crafted.It is no coincidence that you are a person who walks the earth as opposed to millions of possibilities which may be biological. He has written a destination for you, unknown to any and all. The beginning and the end, you and I both know. Whom we come and to Him we will return. And every word in the middle of the story you have been specifically. Every tear is written in your Naseeb, in order to lead you to become the person you were meant to be before you will be returned to him. Believe that, believe that the kind of ink, which has been written to your life. Good things are to you all in due time. You'll thank you to the creator of the difficulty in testing as soon as you see the rewards you have reaped the only enduring with patience. He knows every leaf that falls to the ground, and every gust of wind carries the pollen to the designated destination. Therefore, everything that happens is actually known to him, and that applies to you, by His permission. Live through it with Sabr and allow any complaints to make you into what was destinated of God for you to be. One day you will look back and I promise you, whether in this world or in the hereafter, it will be worth it. The universe conspires in accordance with divine wisdom and extraordinary logical reasoning known to man. Have Sabr and trust his word. 

Fi Hifzillah  

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